Starting a project with Niveau Deux means joining forces with a team of dedicated and talented creatives to pursue a common goal; produce the best video campaign of all times.

All our original concepts are hand-crafted with care and made to last a lifetime.

If you have a project in mind, want to work with us, or have a fun story to share, contact us today and we'll get back to you as soon as we can (Probably sooner than you think).

Ben Soussan
Creative Director

Ben writes and directs good content™. His favorite color is the color of your eyes. Ben rarely ties his shoes before going on a run because he loves taking risks.

Amélie Morency
Executive Producer

Amélie makes sure the production goes smoothly. If a train leaves New York going West at a speed of 30 mph and another arrives from Waterloo going East at 40 mph, Amélie is already well aware of the situation and just briefed the client about it.

Gabriel Pelletier

Gabriel writes beautiful stories. The first story he wrote was about a chicken that learned how to fly and has earned him 3 rainbows. Since then, Gabriel has a mustache.

Camille Monette Dubeau

Camille makes beautiful drawings. Her favorite expression is "Nice!" and she has a remarkable memory of every episode from the Goosebumps TV show.